Deadly Foods

So much information is hidden from the public, information that can save many American lives. But why is this information being kept a secret? The main reason is profit, even at the American public’s expense. You see, the government and companies behind the products that Americans consume are not what it appears to be. In fact these products are dangerous to you and your family. The following are studies on these dangers which I will go into further in my email.


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Everyday dangers

  • Some Milk can cause as much damage as smoking four packs of cigarettes a day.
  • How cigarettes became an example of foods that are dangerous to us to not even knowing it.
  • Profit is the driving force behind some of the most dangerous products being pushed to Americans.

The Deadly Trend of Genetically Modified Foods

  • American’s are getting more sick, due to increases in genetically modified foods. Health problems have nearly doubled, life span has plunged.
  • Experiments with our food supply from scientist created new organisms in our food that did not exist in nature. This organism was to increase crop yields and profits.
  • Biotech firms is the root causes of this epidemic. Companies like Monsanto that dominates the market with its 90% market share.
  • GM companies got rich from genetically modified crops, putting dangerous foods into the American diet.
  • The FDA has actually never conducted any studies on humans to prove GM foods are safe.

The Secret Killer in Your Foods

  • Inflammation is a reaction response when your immune system is under attack.
  • Americans across the country are unknowingly eating food that causes inflammation leading to deadly disease.

Getting cancer from drinking milk you didn’t know

  • rBST has been linked to various types of cancer. Various studies and findings supports this conclusion.

One of the Biggest Government Lies,
“The Food We Eat is Safe”

  • Studies find that FDA approval of rBST not conclusive.
  • Error’s found in FDA’s approval process of rBST.
  • What’s driving the FDA to approve GMOs to spread throughout our Food Supply. People who’ve worked for Research companies who are used to work for the GMOs.

In An Experiment of Massive Proportions, We’ve All Become Unwilling Guinea Pigs

  • Soy is dangerous to your health and it’s in places where you least expected.

Soy Causes Damage in the Liver, Lung and Pancreas

  • Soy have been linked to numerous health problems including babies and has the potential to change our immune system in unpredictable ways.

You Could Be Eating a Dangerous Toxin Every Day

  • Corn has a hidden danger that which kills insects, and corn is in foods such as candy, breads, ketchup, granola bars and even in English muffins.
  • Despite FDA labeling corn safe. Corn contains the Bt protein which according to new research can damage your liver and kidneys, destroy red blood cells, small intestines and human kidney cells.
  • In rates, GM corn caused rates to develop horrifying tumors, widespread organ damage, and premature death.

Children at Risk

  • Kids are much more vulnerable to Genetic Modified foods leading to an increase in illnesses.

So You Wonder Why Isn’t This Being Shouted From The Roof tops?

  • Money is the motivating factor behind why GM companies wants to keep you in the dark. If the word gets out that the genetic modified foods are dangerous, billions of dollars in profits will be in SERIOUS jeopardy.
  • The strong link between GM companies like Monsanto and the FDA represents a huge conflict of interest as it creates a revolving door that keeps the regulation of food safety to be not as independent as it should be.

You and Your Family Are Being Used as Lab Rats

  • The FDA’s claimed that scientist deemed GM food was safe, in a 44,000 page memo from the internal affairs files proved the contrary and that GMOs can lead to different risks.
  • Politically driven bureaucrats at the FDA ignored scientists’ warnings and allowed GM food crops onto the market making consumers unknowingly guinea pigs for potentially harmful food substances.

Those In Control of the Food Industry Wants to Keep the American Public In the Dark

  • Independent research has been hijacked on GM crops. Big food companies decide what articles gets published due to their funding of food research, conferences and fellowships. Because of this the American Public will never get to see what are really in the GM, in other words it taints the independence and objectivity of agricultural research.
  • Those that try to publish independent articles find their reputation and careers destroyed. This is a big reason why most Americans have no idea how dangerous GM foods are.

Today we Don’t Even Have The Right To Know What’s In Our Food

  • The Alliance between the biotech industry and the FDA, American’s don’t even have the right to know what’s in our food. As a result, millions of Americans of all ages are unknowingly consuming potentially dangerous food products each day.

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